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How It Works

The premise is simple - this group exists to give charitable organizations a platform to reach new people, and to stimulate $10,000 in giving every quarter! If 100 people, each commit to give $100 - we can make a BIG impact four times per year without a huge time commitment in a casual, relaxed atmosphere that also lends well to networking. There is no fee to join, and no cap on how many members we can have!

Membership Information

Groups like this exist all around the country and the globe, some for women, some for men, and some for kids! Our group is open to all people who commit to our membership requirements. Couples can share one membership, or businesses can hold a membership, but there is only one vote per $100 contribution.


Membership Requirements:

  1. You must commit to attending four quarterly meetings, held on the second Tuesdays of February, May, August, and November at the Best Western Courtyard. 2920 10th Street in Great Bend, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

  2. You must pledge to write a check for $100 at each of these quarterly meetings to a tax deductible charitable organization, which the group will choose through a majority vote during the meeting (no cash).

  3. If you cannot attend, you must turn in a blank check for $100 ahead of time or send an immediate family member to donate on your behalf (non members do not get to vote). Unforeseen absences happen, but anyone who is ill or unable to attend at the last minute must drop off their check (made out to the winning charity) to the designated location within one week.

Deciding on the Charities

At each meeting, members of the group can nominate local tax deductible charitable organizations to come and give a 5-minute presentation at the following quarter’s meeting. The three charities with the most nominations will be asked to send a staff member or volunteer to present to the group. Once all three charities have given their presentations, members will be asked to vote on the three options. Members who miss the meetings are not allowed to vote for that quarter, but are still required to donate their $100 pledge. Votes are counted on the spot, and members are told who to make their checks out to. Gifts are given directly to the charity, eliminating overhead expenses and administrative costs and ensuring that ALL the funds go directly to the nonprofit organization. Tax forms are provided by the charity that receives the gifts, but that organization is prohibited from using your contact information for future solicitations.

What about the charities that don't get selected?

Since three charities present at each meeting and only one is selected, the other two are still eligible to be nominated at future meetings. The winning charity is ineligible to present again for a period of two years.

How to Join

Any individual or business can become a member at any time by simply filling out our membership form and pledge agreement that puts you on our list. There is no fee to join the group. Members can also bring a guest to any meeting to sign up at any time.

Group Communications

Reminders and notices for group meetings and events will be distributed by email and on our Facebook page. Members are encouraged to stay engaged electronically, as "snail mail" will not be offered to avoid administrative expenses that would take away from the philanthropic work we are facilitating. 

Presenting at a Meeting

If your charity is nominated to present at one of our chapter's meetings, please review our Guidelines & Talking Points document with further instructions on how to format your presentation and what to expect at the meeting. Three charities present at each meeting, and the one that wins the majority vote is ineligible from presenting again for a period of two years. The other two are still eligible to return at a future date. Charities who receive the donations are required to spend those funds in Barton County only. If your charity would like to be added to our list for nominations, fill out our prequalification form and return it to us by email: To be added to our nomination slips, prequalification forms must be received at least two weeks prior to a meeting date. If it is received in closer proximity than that, it will be considered for the following quarter's meeting. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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