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Family Crisis Center Receives $10,000+ from Members of 100+ People Who Care Group

The Family Crisis Center, Inc. is pleased to announce that they are the 2022 fourth quarter recipients of $10,000+ in charitable donations from members of the 100+ People Who Care in Barton County group.

The vision of The Family Crisis Center is for communities to be empowered by awareness, resources, and accurate information so we recognize victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse in all its forms and provide advocacy and support. In addition to providing families of abuse with access to community resources, the center operates their Child Advocacy Center and their Domestic and Sexual Violence Center and shelter. The Family Crisis Center, Inc. also exists to promote education in the communities they serve through presentations to civic groups, schools, and organizations in hopes of identifying victims and increasing awareness.

The quarterly pledges of the 100+ People Who Care members will assist the center in purchasing curriculum to be utilized with middle and high school students which will address personal safety, body awareness, and stranger danger. Funding will also assist with resource staff needs for presentations, brochures for parents, and curriculum for parenting classes. To learn more about The Family Crisis Center, Inc. please visit their website at and be sure to like the

organization’s Facebook page.

The next giving meeting for the 100+ People Who Care group will be held Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, at 5:30 p.m., at the Best Western Angus Inn Courtyard. At that time, representatives from The Family Crisis Center, Inc. will return to provide an update on how the organization is utilizing the $10,000+ gift. Members will also vote to select and nominate local, charitable organizations to receive future funds. More details can be found on the group’s website,, or on their Facebook page.


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